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I have been watching the guys and their travels for a long time, it seems very exciting to me. And so I was lucky enough to take part in their project for nomads! The idea of this service struck me as a breath of air for remote workers. Now team building and product creation in the style of remote work have become interesting and productive in a new way, especially within the framework of the service. You don't have to worry about looking for housing, applying for a visa and household chores. You can just focus on your product!
Dmitry Burylov
Co-founder of
We were developing an app to bring people together in Creation House. We're used to working remotely, but I felt like we were wasting our time inefficiently because the team doesn't feel each other. And so I decided to put the whole team together in one place at least for a month.

The idea seemed simple, but the deeper I got into it, the more nuances there were. I realized that I was spending too much of my time on this. So I tried to find a contractor who would understand what I wanted, but I couldn't find one, because they were all working with tourists, not businesses. It's 2021, actually, Caarl! And then it hit me - it's fucking great business, where my co-founder and I are experts! Within a few days we created a website and started selling.
Co-founder of
I was developing the UX for our app and realized that there was still a lot of time before launching and monetization. It seemed that our MVP could be quite simple and for this it is not necessary to immediately engage in development. When Dmitry made a layout of this site and proposed this idea with a subscription, I immediately thought-yes, this is exactly what we need. It's so easy to immediately meet the needs of customers!
The guys said they would need my help with the project. I saw this and said - wow, this is the great idea! I'm on it.
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