Nomadely Motivation Programs focused at remote human resourses
Support remote work for efficient employees and teams

Support retention of human resources to companies and startups

Support digital nomads employees and teams

Universal Basic Income
Nomadely offers companies to pay for living and working spaces for efficient remote employees as a basic income and remote corp campus

Save relations with quality employees who don't return to office and increase their motivation and productivity

Early Impact Investments
Nomadely offers pre-seed and seed startups to live and work together at spaces then build strong team and save personal budget

Investors trust when the team is qualified and efficient, so choosing a cheap country and a large villa is great for early startup

Product team buliding
Nomadely offers product teams started at remote and never real-meet to get together in our spaces by turnkey end-to-end

Expectation of events develops success product, and when the meeting happens teambuilding effect continues for a long time

Nomadely Subscription
Nomadely offers digital nomads skip chores about finding live and workspaces, flights and etc - just focus on the main

Subscription allows saving a lot of money, time, and nerves for people who move around world when work remotely.
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