for Digital Nomad
teams and employees
it's better than working from the office and remotely
improvement of the team communication
hours saved per day
per year
Nomadely Space - Nomad work, creation, live, vacation space for remote teams | Product Hunt
Nomadely Space - Support your remote team in becoming digital nomads | Product Hunt
Why is it beneficial for companies?
Check it out and make sure it fits your team
Why is it beneficial for teams?
Check it out and make sure it fits your team
Сomfort and cultural preferences
Team goals
How It Works?
We will take care of all the worries of finding a place and renting, flights and even hiring domestic staff. We will find the best conditions, and you will save time and money.
State your goals, budget, service package, number of team members, country, etc. - if you don't know, we will advise.
You get the best options for your request - just choose!
Get and Enjoy
Get your chosen option, and support - live, work and be happy!
Liked it? How about doing it again?
For example, we find and rent a suitable villa or several for a team in any country, based on your request.
For example, we know where the nomads are and can bring you together. We make a crowd of nomads from among the creators and businesses.
For example, we will find and buy for you the best plane or bus tickets when you move to the new location.
For example, we hire a cook, a maid and call a repairman if needed.
Choose your option🔥
Start using for free - choose usable time
Move with million of nomad teams - see the world and change it
What if we get tired of each other and someone needs some time to be alone?
We choose houses carefully and there will be plenty of room to be alone or to make a private call.
I can't get a subscription for a year because I'm not sure if it's good for my team.
You can test this lifestyle for one month by choosing a monthly subscription.
Is it difficult/insecure/ to travel at COVID time?
We choose a location based on the epidemiological situation in the country, and we take into account the country of residence and vaccination of each team member.
What if my team is big or might get bigger?
We just rent two houses or more. And houses can be in different places.
Not all members of my team are willing to live that way
It's OK. Being a nomad is a choice of those team members who want it.
Looking for more information?
Just fill in the form and we'll get in touch with you shortly ☀️
Fill out the form and we will contact you soon.
How it works? We will find out your goals in order to find a match. For example, choose what suits you:
Which countries and locations are right for you? Of course, with the presence of fast internet.
How often do you want to change locations?
How many members in your team?
Will the team be able to live and work together, for example in a large villa or do you need several houses and coworking?
What is the monthly budget (dollars) per team member?
This is the money you spend on renting a house, cleaning, flights, other transfers, and household staff (if needed)
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