Move the whole startup team to one place. Why is that beneficial?
Check it out and make sure it fits your team
• Employees have long or never met if you started your company remotely.

• Their trust is not very high, communication is ineffective, and their engagement is not close to a max peak.
Your chance
• Most of successful and expensive companies in the world was started in basements, garages and student campuses.

• Create powerful vibes working as a team shoulder to shoulder to make great products!
Amazon, Facebook, Disney, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Harley Davidson, HP, Tumblr, Spanx, Dell, Under Armour, Mattel, Yankee Candle
• A team of geniuses is able to live and work together in a large villa and choose any place on the planet.

• This is an incredible experience for great creators.

Impove your team
• Create goodness for the team like a standard

• Make a balance

• Вuild work-family and make dreams come true

• Change locations together
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