Are you in doubt whether it is profitable to use this service?

Let's face it. If your team works in an office, it means that you can easily communicate with each other. But you have to waste some time to get to it, and maybe even stand in traffic jams for several hours. At the same time, the company spends money on renting and maintaining this office where you work. Not very profitable, right?

Alternatively, you work for a company remotely. And you have to constantly contact the working team via video chat to share current achievements and plans for the coming days. But we all know how tiring such calls can be. At the same time, many of you do not have your own home, but rent a house or apartment in a dusty city. Not reasonable, right?

Now imagine that the company spends money not on renting an office, but on a subscription to our service. Your whole team can rent one large villa or several of them somewhere near the sea, and not settle in noisy cities. You will have the opportunity not only to work together, but also to get to know each other better, spend leisure time or weekends together. Well, or not, there is as you want.

This is a real opportunity to see the whole world without interrupting the work on the project. Plus, you can transform your team from a work team into a real big family and make many close friends. Sounds more attractive, isn't it?

And if you are a startup team, then this is all the more for you. You understand better than others how important it is to be together. After all, a lot of cool startups started even in garages or student campuses. But the main thing is that the team members were together. And nowadays, you can also do it with breaks for surfing or yoga on the top of the mountain :)

Choose your future now.

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