Our mission

Our service is just one of the ways to implement our global mission: the development of the nomad community and bringing the relationship between corporations and remote workers to a new level.

Even some 20 years ago, it was difficult to imagine that it was possible to work from Europe for a company located in America. But the Internet made it possible to realize such a plan, and the pandemic only accelerated this process. And the question is: how to combine great teams of workers and growing companies in a mutually beneficial relationship?

Imagine that you are a well-coordinated professional startup team with competent skills. And you want to provide yourself with decent and stable living conditions in addition to wages. We help you find a company that is ready to hire you, providing you with a subscription to our service and living conditions.

Or you are a company that needs a team of professionals capable of quickly and efficiently performing the assigned tasks. These teams will be interested in you, as you will provide them with the necessary living conditions. The same amount could go in the form of taxes in favor of the state, but you can spend this amount in favor of employees, thereby motivating them to make you revenue.

In this process, we act as a kind of intermediary, helping both start-up teams and corporations at the same time. In special cases, we can invest in startup teams from our personal fund, help in developing, and by this we will together change the world with the help of non-standard solutions.

The value of the idea is that we are able to create something like a trade union for the nomads, thereby uniting the community and spreading a similar way of life. Not being tied to any particular office or place, being sure that you are provided for, and working in a company whose values you share is real freedom. Material and physical freedom, freedom of thought and existence. This is the part of our ideology.
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