Rules and Values
1. Focus on important things.
2. Respect people and be open.
3. Keep an eye on health and ecology.
4. Share and be thankful.
5. Work well and be realized.
1. Erasing the boundaries between the remote work and the office.
2. Globally improving working conditions.
3. Reanimating the corporate culture.
Dmitry Burylov
Founder and CEO Nomadely Space
Elena Bulgakova
Co-founder and Head of HR Nomadely Space
"Corporate Culture and Campuses 2.0

Before the remote working format, companies tried to equip their campuses and offices with all inclusive, and it worked: employees wanted to use the best workplace. But having tasted the sense of freedom from the office, now they prefer to work remotely or hybrid. Companies need new working conditions to attract and retain the best skilled labour.

Nomadely Space creates such conditions for companies, striving for employees of each company to be able to work and live in remote villa&offices. We understand that the revolution will not happen immediately, so to begin with, we recommend companies to send teams of employees in shifts for trips of 14 days or more, but already now it is possible to occupy a location for a long time. In the future, such villa&offices will be as familiar as once ordinary offices. Even small companies will be able to have several remote offices on different continents and easily move, open and close it as business tasks unfold.

Our solution is a sensible compromise between complete physical freedom at a remote work format and attachment to the office. In addition, we are carefully working on an optimal economy so that the company's expenses do not increase, but are optimized as a result. Another important indicator for us is the increase in profit per employee.

Move around the world with villa&offices! And attract the best employees by conditions they dream of!"
The Nomadely Space team made a relevant research and formulated the fundamental document of our policy.

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