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Сovid19 accelerated the move from office to remote

But is remote work optimal?
Remote → Standard
Commute time and costs reduced

Net income has grown

Time with family increased

Feeling of freedom has risen
Beneficial for Employee
Office costs have decreased

Profit per employee increased
Beneficial for Company
Team ties weakened

Staff turnover increased

Formal control has grown

Productivity may have decreased
Cons for Company
Work and home are mixed

Family relationships have worsened

Empathy has gone down

Energy dropped
Cons for Employee
Even before the Pandemic, more than 2/3 of Americans worked while on vacation
Leaving Balance
Is remote optimal?
...not always
and...it is not clear

How to fix it?
Company's remote spaces. Product teams and groups of employees come here. These spaces are located in quiet, eco-friendly places close to nature, where it is comfortable to live and work.

Remote living office
We are in favor of improving the remote work format for the Companies and Employees

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